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Softstack PLT is your committed partner for B2B software distribution and an array of multiple digital services including web development, content marketing and more.

Software Distribution

We operate a nationwide software and hardware distribution network to serve resellers throughout Malaysia. We provide VARs and MSPs with industry-leading solutions and high-touch support to meet the needs of their customers and add value to their businesses.

Our Services

Designed For Possibilities

IT Distribution

Softstack provides a nationwide distribution network to serve resellers throughout Malaysia.


Utilize our experience across diverse environments to provide the best solutions.

Value-Added IT Provider

Softstack works with close partners for hardware/software acquisition and deployment.

Marketing Services

With its marketing arm Dapper Digital, Softstack offers varied digital services for growth.

Web Development

We work with you to match the design and functionality of your website with your business goals.

Web Maintenance

Covering everything that your website needs – from content updates to security maintenance.

Web Hosting

Reliable one-stop hosting & domain name services with the world's leading cloud providers.

SEO Content

SEO to grow your business, reach targeted visitors and reach high ranks in search engines.

Malaysia Service Locations

Nationwide Distribution Network

Softstack boasts a nationwide distribution network to serve resellers throughout Malaysia.

Why Choose Us

Your compatible partner for software needs

Our Malaysian software distribution solutions enable Malaysian resellers and system integrators to increase their product offering while providing maximum value to end-users. 

  • Reseller-First Approach

    Achieve high profits, receive account protection, and more when you sell reputable and top-ranked products that come with effective support and tools.

  • Leading Brands; Easy To Deploy

    Take on product lines from the largest industry-leading brands such as Bitdefender. Our products are easy to deploy and incurrs little cost for your teams.

  • Comprehensive Support

    You need the right people to help you suceed. Softstack is ready to assist you in positioning, selling and delivering industry-leading solutions to any end user.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Get to know Softstack PLT and how we help our customers to help others.

A distributor gets products directly from a vendor and sells this software to authorized resellers.

A distributor is an intermediary between vendors and value-added resellers (VARs) or system integrators (SIs) in the distribution of software or hardware. Also known in the industry as "disties" or "disti", distributors handle procurement and payment between VARs and vendors and are usually the only way in which a vendor will distribute its products to the channel. As a distributor based in Malaysia, our customer base consists of mostly local resellers and SIs who are looking to promote products from oversea vendors.

Distribution channels, or marketing channels, are the channels through which a product is distributed from the producer to the consumer. IT Distribution in Malaysia has traditionally served as a conduit between vendors and end consumers, often serving as the intermediary between vendor and distributor, distributor and reseller or SI, and reseller or SI to end customers.

Vendors often use us distributors to build out their channel programs since they do not have the resources to do it themselves. Distributors also add value to the channel by educating resellers about new products from vendors (even if they only play a small role, such as handling payment and procurement). As a distributor, we may conduct presales training, road shows, or demos for resellers. In addition to procurement services, distributors also provide marketing support to resellers and systems integrators and warranty services.

Providing the distributor's distribution service to resellers and providing the resellers with great margins, as well as supporting resellers to sell the solutions, is the distributor's value proposition for his customers.

We also provide key resources such as sales support for resellers and support for our resellers´ customers.

As a result, we see direct customer relationships exist between resellers, System Integrators with us, the distributor.

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Your committed partner for B2B software distribution and an array of multiple digital services including web development, content marketing and more.



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